Thursday, July 13, 2006

Funny Pumpkin Things

Hi all;
You Are

A Classic Pumpkin Face

You would make a good pumpkin pie.
I did another blog thing because my youngest son, Gavin, (5) LOVES pumpkins. You can see him here in my Preemie Quilts post. Well actually it isn't limited to just pumpkins it is anything orange. You can see him holding his very first quilt here it is one that he gave away to a little preemie baby in need.

We are going to work on his second quilt this summer. We have been collecting fabrics for quite a while for it. It is so wonderful to go into a quilt shop with him. He immediately finds the brightest orange fabrics that he can find or ones with pumpkins on it. Now, he doesn't like just any pumpkin fabrics. He likes pumpkins with happy faces on them :)

I made the quilt on the left for him for a nice little halloween quilt that he could hang in his room. He looked at it for a while with a quizzical expression on his face and when I asked him if he liked it he said "No" very seriously. I asked him why and he said "because they don't have happy faces like these ones" and he pointed to the pumpkins on the border fabric!

So I promptly made him the next quilt! Notice that all the pumpkins are happy and smiling. That is another one of his requirements :)

So when I did the pumpkin blog thing and found out that I was the classic smiling pumpkin I just had to laugh and post about how important happy smiling pumpkins with faces are.

I should mention that these two free embroidery designs came from Ann the Gran.

We are almost finished collecting fabrics for Gavin's quilt. Just a few more key pieces to go and we will be all set.

The other part that made me laugh about the Pumpkin blog thing was the thing about how I would make a good pumpkin pie because one halloween Gavin begged me to make a pumpkin pie from the whole pumpkins we had. I spent the day baking the pumpkins, making the filling, making the pie crusts and finally making the pies. Everything was made from scratch and using only the best ingredients. I really wanted to make these pies special for him. They were wonderful except for one thing. No one else in my family (except me) would eat them. They all decided that they didn't like pumpkin pie so I was left with two fresh pumpkin pies that had taken me the better part of a day to make and a whole bunch of pureed pumpkin. Needless to say and awful lot of pie was given away that day :)


Joyce said...

I can relate. I have a granddaughter who loves orange. Every gift she gets has some orange in it. Needless to say, her quilt had an orange backing.

Toni said...

Hi! Toni from TQP list and just had to visit your blog (I'm a blog kinda person :D)

I love your halloween quilts! And Ann the Gran as well :D