Thursday, September 21, 2006

I won!!

I won!! I am so excited! This quilt won the first in the Carp Fair for Machine quilted quilt. Plus it won Best in Show for Machine Quilted Quilt and Reserve Grand Champion for the show!! It goes on now to the provincial level to compete.
(Update: I was wrong!! Sorry! Can you tell I've never really competed before :) It now goes to compete at the district level this weekend then if it wins there it goes to the provincial level. A woman phoned yesterday and just told me so off it went yesterday. I'll find out on Sunday or Monday if I take anything.)
I can hardly believe it. I've posted previously on how I constructed this quilt. You can see the process here. I really can't believe that a machine quilted quilt took Reserve Grand Champion at a fair. It just goes to show how the world is slowly changing and accepting machine quilting more and more; because, I really don't remember another machine quilted quilt at this fair taking one of the champions. Please somebody correct me if I am wrong :)

I also won 5 other firsts, including a first for the quilt that my friends sent back to me, two seconds and one third place prize. I really am just so amazed by this that I don't know what to think.

The Lazy Girl Designs bag, the Gracie Bag, that I entered won a first prize and it is going to be sent to Toronto in February to the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies Convention to be on display in the Craft Room to be an example of what a really good bag looks like.

The embroidery I did on my Pfaff embroidery machine and it is a free design from Ann the Gran web site.

This is the better picture of the bag rather than the blurry photo I had up before.


floribunda said...

I'm not sure what the Carp Fair is, but congratulations on all those ribbons! The Christmas quilt is really lovely -- I'll have to make friends with my scrap bin again one of these days...


Hedgehog said...

Congratulations!!! Curious about the Carp Fair, too. Carp like the fish? (In Romania, carp is called crap. Always made me laugh.) :)

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