Sunday, October 22, 2006

Quilt Bee Quilting

Hi all!;
I can't believe that I am only just now sharing this photo of my "Silver Thimbles" quilt!! I belong to a quilting bee called "The Silver Thimbles." We meet on Tuesday nights, for two hours, and work on group projects. The person whose turn it is picks the pattern and the fabrics. Then we get the fabrics ready and usually we piece or applique the quilt as a group. Then we load the quilt onto a big "old-fashioned" quilting frame and we sit around the frame hand-quilting. While one quilt is on the frame we start working on the next quilt.

I love being a part of this group! I've been a member for just shy of 5 years I believe and I just love it. We have members that range from their 30's to their 70's ans do we ever have fun! We laugh and stitch and just generally enjoy each other's company :)

This pattern is from "The Quilter" Magazine from I think three years ago. It is like a cross between a Boston Common Quilt and a Trip Around the World. I call it "A Trip to Boston Common" :) It has the Hobbs Heirloom Wool batting (you will have to scroll down the page to see it on Harriet Hargrave's site) in it and a wonderful brushed cotton backing so it is absolutely wonderful in this type of season. I love wool batting since it is warm and fluffy but it breathes and it still light. It is really wonderful to hand quilt as well. The lanolin in the wool lubricates your needle so it just glides throught the fabric and you can acheive nice small stitches without too much trouble. I also find that I can hand quilt for longer periods of time with the wool batting as my hands don't get tired as quickly. Just my personal preferance though :) I have a double sized bed and the edges of the bed come to the outside edge of the second cream border so that the final border just draps down the mattress. It looks wonderful on the bed. I honestly think that it looks better on the bed than hanging LOL.

This is a picture of another one of our quilts that belongs to another one of our members. It is a pattern called "Hearts and Apron Strings" the was originally published in Quilter's Newsletter Magazine as a serial pattern in 2004. It is a pattern by Sharon Schamber that you can now find on her web site here or in PDF format here. It really is a very nice pattern and she does some wonderful work so please check out her site.

We did this quilt as almost a round robin since it was all multiple borders. We all worked on the piecing but then one of us would take it home and add on the next border and bring it back the nex t week. It really was neat to see the quilt getting bigger and bigger. The picture that is here is a picture of our quilt hanging at the Carp Fair with a First Place ribbon on it for group quilt that is hand quilted:)

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Angie said...

Katrina, your quilting group sounds like so much fun. And those quilts are beautiful!