Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My 30's Quilt is on the Frame!

Hi all;
I thought that I would share a picture of my 1930's Dresden Plate quilt on the hand quilting frame. We just started hand quilting it last week but I forgot my camera. You can see a few lines of quilting at the bottom of the picture. I just love this quilt. It is so fresh and bright looking and I really think that it will be perfect on the bed in the summer time. I think that I may make some pillow cases to go with it (at some point!). The more I think about putting prairie points around the outside the more I like that idea. I think that it will really tie in with the points on the Dresden Plates. It will also use up some more of my 30's prints! As usual, I bought WAY too much fabric. I am also thinking about doing a sweatshirt jacket out of the 30's prints. It would be a nice jacket for the spring.

Tonight is our quilt guild night. I didn't make it to the last meeting since my husband didn't get home from work in time. I told him not to worry about getting home fast because the roads were really icy and it was really foggy. Oh well!! I live in Canada :)


Paula, the quilter said...

I have an affinity to the 1930s quilts. They always seem to be so bright and cheery. I wonder if that was because of the depression going on so they chose those colors and a lot of white? Beautiful quilt.

Rabbit Hill Creations said...

What a beauty! I just love the colors.