Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rug Progress and Another Jacket

Well I have been working on the cover for my stool and I think that I have made pretty good progress on it. This took the better part of Sunday to complete LOL! There are all different cuts in this rug. There is everything from a 4 to an 8 cut. I should mention that this is linen burlap for the backing.

Doing this stool cover I have also figured out that I actually really like hooking these multi-coloured, anything goes circles! i love being able to use the colours that I want without imposing any rules about them. I think that I might just do my hearth rug (another rug that I am planning) in circles. Actually I was thinking of putting a game board in the middle and I think that circles on the edges would look really nice. What do you guys think?
I taught the sweatshirt jacket class again yesterday and this is my jacket so far! This is one fabric used on the whole jacket and I really like the effect. I still need to take the jacket in under the arms and over cast the edges but other than that it is finished. I have a nice light gold fabric that I am going to use to o the binding and the cuffs. It really sets off the cranes in the jacket. The ladies were all really pleased with the course and love their jackets so I am very pleased as well. So many jackets to make so little time LOL!


Rose Marie said...

Love this jacket and the previous one as well. Makes me want to start making another jacket.

dulcy said...

I love the stool! Wondering how it's coming along?