Sunday, March 28, 2010

Quilt Show Pictures!

I know that these pictures have been posted before but I thought that I would show them again hanging in the show. Unfortunately my camera batteries died after only a couple minutes.
Note to self ~ pack extra batteries!

This is the Eureka Quilt I did a couple years ago.

Whole-cloth Welsh Beauty.
This is a pre-printed panel from Benartex.
This quilt is entirely hand quilted and took me over 4 years to complete! The number of hours I put into this quilt is staggering o even contemplate! LOL!

A couple of my sweat-shirt jackets on display.

This is the crazy patch jacket.

And the whole cloth oriental jacket.

I didn't want to put in too many jackets :-D

My flying geese quilt. Made using the Eleanor Burns flying geese ruler and a whole bunch of left-over fabrics. I way over-bought this line of fabric and then wanted to use a lot of it up. By this point I had used country tones a lot and wanted to move on to something brighter. but, I felt like I had to use what I had before I could move on. Ever feel like that? It can certainly bog you down.

1930's Reproduction Fabric Dreden Plate Quilt. Hand appliqued and pieced in my regular bee. This quilt makes me smile every time I look at those fabrics.

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antique quilter said...

beautiful quilts
I love the dresden plate quilt and yes it would make me smile everytime I looked at it too
something about 30's that just makes me happy!