Monday, September 27, 2010

In the Paper Again & a Donation Quilt

I was in two of our local newspapers again!  LOL  It is the same photo of me rug hooking in the Almonte paper and our Arnprior paper.  This photo was taken at the Almonte Fiberfest weekend before last.  I was really blushing when this was taken since I actually don't really like having my photo taken very much :-/  We had a great day just sitting and hooking and inspiring other people to hook.  It's fun to watch people try it and see how easy it is!!  People had to point out these pictures to me since I actually don't often flip through the paper!

I was asked, by a lady who takes some fitness classes from me, if I would donate something for their church auction.  Last year I made a Christmas wall hanging from a panel.  When I was asked this year if I could donate I immediately thought of this little baby quilt I made back in 2005 from a flannel panel and never did anything with!  It's has sat, forgotten, for 5 years.  My husband was cleaning up a stack of quilts from on top of the armour yesterday and he unearthed this little quilt.  I remember doing the quilt to put aside for a last minute gift ~ but I just never gave it away and so it has sat for 5 years.  I am thrilled to have the chance to send this on to someone who will wrap a baby in it.  It's flannel top and backing so it will be lovely and soft for a baby.  Hopefully they will make a few dollars on this little quilt.

As an aside I am suffering from that cold that is flying around right now ~ it is working it's way through our schools right now so of course I picked it up :-P  Sore throat, headache, nausea, sinus pain and itchy eyes and I feel soooo tired!  My youngest son stayed home with it from school today but he's already feeling better ~ so he's going back tomorrow!!  I managed to get a bit of piecing done on my current "leaders and enders" project since I wasn't very inspired to work on anything else ~  but ~ I felt like working on something.  I'll post a picture of that when I make a bit more progress.

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dulcy said...

I'm so glad that you checked in with me, Katrina! I hadn't popped over here to see you for some time now, and so glad I did.... I don't think I knew you were rug hooking. Your piece is wonderful! I don't hook much lettering into my work, but have done so in the past. It is a bit of a pain, but it can be the perfect touch for certain rugs. I think it worked out lovely on yours!