Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lettering is Hard!

Man lettering is hard to hook!  I finished the hooking on my little Pumpkin House rug today and I am fairly pleased with it since this is the first time that I have attempted lettering.  It's a lot more challenging than I thought it would be to keep the letters straight and even.  And, even though I tried, the second half of house seems to want to go up LOL!  I did rip it out once already so I might just decide to leave it like that.  Or maybe I'll just rip out the S and the E.  Hmmmm.......

Anyone have any tips for hooking lettering?  I think I would love to take a class on that.

I just finished steaming the rug and it looked so nice and flat on my ironing board that I thought that I would snap a shot of it to share.  I think this rug might actually make a nice chair seat.  I found the brown plaid in my stash of reclaimed wool ~ it started it's life as a skirt so it was the perfect weight and it even had little orange stripe running through it.  Brown and orange actually seems to be popular again so maybe I shouldn't have ripped it up :-D

I finished transferring two of my patterns to burlap ~ I actually ended up leaving the burlap over night after spraying it with water.  It worked ok.  My favorite method method for getting wrinkles out of backing, though, is to hang the backing on a pants hanger and hang it on the back of my bathroom door and let the steam from the shower slowly relax the burlap.  This method works if you have a good few weeks to let it happen ~ but of course ~ I wanted the wrinkles out right then and didn't want to wait LOL!  Oh well I got it done :-D

I'd love to hear from you so if you have any comments or questions please feel free to leave them here ~ and ~ I would love it if you would become a follower here since I just started doing that.


April DeConick said...

Hook the lettering with a wool you don't care about. Hook the background around it. Pull out the lettering. Rehook it with the wool you want for the lettering.

Cathy G. said...

Hi Katrina,
I'm so glad I found your blog today! Just love the trees in your house rug and I think your lettering is great! Your choice of wool for the border is great also! I have used the method for lettering that April talked about in her comment and it works really well. I'm in awe that you hook rugs and quilt too! Just goes to show that if we are passionate about something the time finds us LOL! Thank-you for following my blog and signing up for my give-away! I'm almost ready to draw names! Best of Luck!
Cathy G