Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Crazy Shortcut Quilt is Hanging in my LQS

Here it is!  I finally finished the binding on my Crazy Short Cut Quilt and it is now hanging in my LQS, over the Christmas fabric, to advertise my class!  We had to fold it over at the top since the quilt was so big.  It would have been hitting people in the head LOL!  I was taking part in a teacher "meet and greet" at the shop yesterday and brought in the finished quilt with me ~ it made a big splash to say the least and a few people signed up for the class after seeing this quilt. 

I was fortunately able to pull this quilt out of my stash ~ I have an extensive collection of Christmas fabrics and I loved using them on this quilt.  The sashing was a fabric that I had started cutting for another quilt and then discovered that I didn't have quite enough of to complete the quilt so I was so happy to use it here.

Here's the back of the quilt hanging proud in the shop.  I just absolutely love how the back showcases all of the wonderful blue batiks and winter prints.  The gold thread looks even better than I had hoped on the back of the quilt.  I even like the way that the folded over area, from the front, looks from the back to really reinforce how reversible this type of quilting is.

After seeing my quilt one woman signed up for the class and promptly picked out Christmas prints for the front and golds for the back!  I thought ~ wow what an amazing idea!  The gold backing is going to look amazing.

I am off to Almonte today for day two of Fiberfest 2010 where a few of us are demonstrating rug hooking!  It's so much fun to show people how easy and beautiful rug hooking is.  I just love talking about hooking and sitting there hooking for the afternoon.  It's always surprising how much you can get accomplished in a short period of time.  I'll post some pictures tomorrow of our booth. 

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