Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Candy Corn Quilt!

Hey all!

Halloween is coming and I LOVE Halloween!  I had this idea to make a candy corn quilt for a long time now but I never feel like working on Halloween stuff after Halloween so needless to say I always end up running around in October making my Halloween projects.

 Well since I have the large tumbler die I decided that now was the time to jump on this and make a candy corn quilt!


I'm sorry, but, I wasn't going to do any type of a tutorial on this quilt until I was close to being finished so I will just have to explain:
  •  cut strips 2 1/2" wide of each; white, orange and yellow - cut as many as you like for the quilt size you want.
  • sew strips together and pick a side to press towards
  • use your large tumbler die (or rotary cut) to cut out your candy corns.  Always have the yellow at the wide end and the white end at the smaller side.  There will be some waste here - but - hey - candy corn in a quilt!
  • lay them out in an order that is pleasing to you.
 Note:  You could also make candy corns with the baby tumbler die - just cut your strips at 1 1/2" and then re-cut on the tumbler die - that would be sooo cute!


Cut 1 1/2" strips of a blackish fabric (mine is a black batik with some blue tones).  I think I had to cut about 14'ish of these.  Sew a sashing strip to every right side of your candy corns - except for the the right-most row - leave that alone.  When you are chain piecing these leave some space between your yellow edges or you will have to trim these apart at a wrong angle - try it once and you'll see why!  you need to be able to trim the tops and bottoms evenly and we are sewing them together at an angle - so we need to leave some space to accommodate that angle.

This is a great video on Tumblers 

Add 3" strips to the outside edges of your rows - we will trim these later.  Yes, I could have been more efficient with my fabrics here but the waste was sooo small that I didn't mind.   Add 1 1/2" horizontal sashing.  Trim this off so that you have 1 1/4" after the wide points of your candy corns.  This way your outer sashing will be equal to your inner sashing.


I decided to add an outer border to this because I had this amazing Halloween print in my stash!  yey!  The moons are just perfect with the oranges and yellows.   Also, the outer border will help stabilize the bias edges on the vertical inner borders - remember the trimming?  We trimmed the fabrics so that they were now on the bias.  Bias = stretch!  So I wanted borders so that I didn't end up with a rippling quilt.

I like to cut my border fabrics on the length-wise grain - so - I cut my binding at the same time so that it is done.  Then I make my binding and wrap it around a ruler so it is neat.  Slide the binding off the ruler and put it into a zip-lock bag so that it is ready to go for later.  I just thought I might share that for you :-D

So there you have it!  A candy corn quilt!  Sorry the tutorial is not as full of pictures as usual but I think it might be ok??  If you have questions feel free to leave them here and ask and I will try my very best to answer them here.

So what do you think?  Yummy?


Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

I think it looks great! The black sashing makes the candy corn pop nicely. Terrific job!

James said...

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JoAnn said...

Delicious!! So cute --

scottylover said...

Very yummy! Thanks for the tip on the binding, too!

Sandy A

gale said...

I love it! It's so cute and the orange really pops.

Sarah said...

Very clever! And I really like the black inner border that preserves the tumbler shape before the outer border.

Heather said...

So cute! I've never seen a candy corn quilt like this. Very original!!

sewfunquilts said...

Such a fun one...and your black narrow sashing adds definition to the design. Great job.

Teri said...

Great project. I bookmarked it for next year.

Anonymous said...

VERY Creative and Yummy!

Michelle said...

That's seriously cute! I'm tempted to try it with the little tumbler.

Anonymous said...

Nice, nice, NICE! Looks good enough to eat. :)

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