Sunday, October 07, 2012

Thanksgiving Sewing!

Happy Thanksgiving my fellow Canadians!

This year we are doing a small family get together only - ie just the 4 of us - so I had lots of time this long weekend to get some sewing done!  Yey!

Unfortunately, I have really hurt my right wrist - and I am right handed :-(  Yep :-(  Rotary cutting is impossible right now - it sends absolutely sharp pain spikes through my wrist.  Fortunately, I have a fabric die-cutter!  I can turn the crank - just not apply the pressure necessary to rotary cut.

So, I grabbed a fat quarter bundle gifted by a dear friend - thank you!  And cut out a Take 5 - type quilt ala the Cherry Bomb Quilts tutorial that I have used before - I love it!!


These are some Christmas Thimbleberries prints that I liked when they came out but I didn't buy any of.  When they were given to me I thought - wow - those colours would look good in my green living room!  So, I was able to cut and piece this top.  That is as far as I am going until my wrist is better - I don't think that it could stand the vibration of machine quilting and maneuvering the machine.  Oh well!  Christmas isn't for a while.


Next, well, really first LOL, I pulled out the Halloween chisels I had cut last year and then put away, since I didn't feel like working on them, and made another one of my table-runners.  I love it!  But, yet again, I don't think my wrist can take the quilting - darn it!  I would love to get working on this one but I need my wrist to get better first :-(  If you want to check out the complete tutorial on how to make this table-runner you can find it here.  And, if you do make one, please post a picture to our Facebook group!

And, last but not least, I am working on a new tumbler quilt - if you belong to my Facebook group, you have seen a little preview, but, I will post more later!

BTW aren't the leaves in the pictures amazing?!  They were so bright and wonderful I just had to take pictures with them!

Happy Thanksgiving all!  I wish you all a safe and blessed weekend.

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Sandy D said...

I like your quilt Katrina.Happy Thanksgiving.

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