Friday, December 07, 2012

Chisel Swirl Baby Quilt


Hi all!

In preparation for my monthly Go! club at my LQS, this month was the chisel die, I decided to whip together a quick little baby quilt to showcase the how chisel die shapes can make a type of star.  there are many, many different stars that the chisel die can make - this is just one of them.  But, I thought that it worked up nicely into a baby quilt and people wanted a little tut so here it is!

You will need the Go! chisel die and the Go! 3" finished HST die.  You will need to cut 16 red chisels (or your feature fabric) chisels and 16 of your background chisels.

NOTE!  We need all like chisels for this so you cannot fan-fold your fabric!  All the chisels can only be cut either right-side-up or right-side down.  This is extremely important.  You may want to pre-cut rectangles 4" x 10.5" and then layer them all right side up.

You will also need 16 total feature fabric 3" finished HST - you get 4 in one pass with the Go! die.  And 16 of your background fabric HST

Sew the background chisels to the feature fabric HST and the background HST to the feature fabric chisels and press to the feature fabric.

Sew these together in units of two with the feature fabric on the right and the background fabric on the left.  Look kind of odd huh?


Following the block sew first two of the units together and then again so that you have 4 of the units sewn together.  Nice and easy and what a neat spinning star!

Sew 4 of these stars together to create the secondary background star in the center.  I love how the little hour-glass units appear and make the stars look like they are spinning!

I added two borders - one first border cut at 2" and then a second 4.5" border with corner-stones. 

For an extra little embellishment I added rick-rack into the binding as a flap.   I love how cute it is!

What do you think?  Any questions feel free to leave them here!


SewCalGal said...

I love it. Great job and great tutorial too!


JoAnn said...

cute - love the movement!

Gene Black said...

That is an excellent pattern for the chisel. I love it. Thanks for sharing!

MaryBeth said...

You've inspired me - I just ordered the die! Thanks for the tutorial!!

Suzanne Neuhaus said...

Wonderful tutorial. I'm also inspired to copy this. What size is this quilt? Suzanne

Material Girl said...

Cute quilt and great tutorial, I really enjoy the tutorials on using the Go... I need all the help I can get when it comes to ideas on using the dies.

Kristy said...

A monthly Go club? That would be so fun! I love the chisel quilt. It is one of my favorite dies. I always enjoy your tutorials. They are clear and simple. Thanks for sharing this with all of us. Sure wish I could go to your meeting too! K-

Anonymous said...

very cute

Kathy S. said...

Dang it! There you go again with yet another cute cute tute using the GO! Baby. Luckily I have those dies. All I have to do is add this one to my bucket list. LOVE IT! Great job, Katrina. I think you should ALWAYS post what you are working on club night at your LQS. Thanks again.