Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope that your day is filled with love and laughter and joy this holiday season!

I thought that I might share a bit of my "loot" this year.

Of course when my boys and my Mom asked what I wanted for Christmas I said dies!  I picked out a few dies when they were on sale and Voila!  Christmas shopping was done for 3 people :-D

Check them out! 
  • The birds die - too cute to not get.  
  • The holly berry and leave jumbo die will work very nicely with my smaller one and make Christmas appliques a snap!  
  • The small tumbler multiple was too great to pass up (and one I have been wanting for a while now) and it can cut 80 small tumblers in one pass!  I can just see amazing Eye-Spy quilts made with this die!  
  • The large bear die will work really well for instant baby quilts.  I think the bears would be really cute in Minke or a nice flannel - you can even use the circle dies for the belly, nose and eyes. 
  •  The basket die was such a great price and when combined with some of the flower dies would make a nice applique so fast and easy!
People who just start die-cutting often lament at the thought of purchasing all the dies.  Dies make great and really easy gifts!  You would be surprised how quickly you will accumulate dies in a very short time and they are so much more affordable when they go on sale.  Make a wish-list; or, ask for gift cards and you will soon be adding to your collection and you'll be so surprised at how fast it grows!

I got some other quilty stocking stuffers and other great gifts but I just had to share my new dies.  Hmmmm, now to put them to use!

Did you get any quilty gifts this year?  Or dies?  Please feel free to share any pictures on my Facebook page!

So have a very Merry Holiday season everyone and here's to many more days of quilting together!


Marla's Crafts said...

Can't wait to see what wonderful things you make with these. I never saw these cutters until a few weeks ago. Two of my quilting friends got them so will be checking them out.

Michelle said...

You are going to have FUN! No dies for me, but I did get a roll of batting. And I have a die coming in the mail from me to myself. :-)

Material Girl said...

I didn't get a single quilty gift! Well I shouldn't say that because I did buy myself a couple or four quilting books.