Friday, December 28, 2012

Let's Sew it Together!

Hi all!

I so wanted to have this top together before Christmas but, well, life and the holiday season got in the way.  Better late than never LOL!

The next steps are pretty straight forward now that we have our blocks together.

Sew the blocks into 6 rows of 5 blocks (unless of course you have made a larger quilt).  I just tried to not have two like prints next to each other in the HSTs.


Next sew the rows together and press.  Look at all those secondary stars!  How cool are they!?  I also love how the chains just jump right out at you.  Stars and chains are two of my favorite things in a quilt and this quilt includes both!

The next, and last, step is to put on borders.  I am auditioning a few different prints that I have yardage of in my stash so I think I will probably go with one of them.  I'll put up another post on this later.

So how is yours coming along?  Add a link to your blog post showing your top if you like so that we can all share or you can add a picture to my facebook page.  Any questions?  It's pretty straightforward at this point I think.

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Happy Quilting!


Lesley said...

Your quilt is gorgeous! Love seeing it come together. Well done!

Kathy S. said...

My quilt top is complete, border and all. I'm very happy with it. It won't be quilted for a while. I purchased a long arm machine and it won't be delivered until Jan or Feb. I need to practice before I start quilting. I can't wait! Here's a link to my top.

Thanks for hosting such a nice QA. I love busting scraps!