Sunday, November 26, 2006

Not too much going on today and Yo Yo's

Hi all! I haven't been doing too much quilting for the past few days. Well, for myself anyways. I machine quilted a quilt for a friend and that went really nicely. She was very pleased :)

I also made a couple of big batches of soap. I haven't made soap for a very long time so it was great to make some again. I want to get one more batch made so that I can give out sets of three soaps to our friends for Christmas. It will be unexpected since I haven't done this for a while now. A friend came over to make soap with me so that she could learn how. We had a good time.

There is a new gaget out that I really want :) It is the Clover Yo Yo Maker. I love the look of yo yo's but I never wanted to make them the traditional way. Here is the Di Mill blog that shows the tool and some projects. Pretty nifty huh? I've always wanted to make a yo yo garlan for my Christmas tree. Wouldn't that be pretty? You could just keep on adding to it and even if you weren't finished you could still hang it on the tree. The nice thing about the yo yos it that it would be nice and portable to take in the car etc. Oh yet another project that I would like to do :)

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Anonymous said...

I'm like you - I don't fancy making yo-yos by hand, but this little gadget seems really nifty! Will check out my local store early next year :-)

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