Friday, November 03, 2006

Yoga mat bag UFO's

I finished two more UFO's today!! These two yoga mat bags are two bags that I made quite a while ago for two friends. You can see the original post here it's from April :) Well I found a better pattern than the one that I made up since then; it is the "Purses Bags & Totes" pattern by Cindy Taylor Oates (you can see the original bag I did here) and my two friends decided that they would rather have the new style of bag since it accomidates the thicker mats much easier. I got the pattern from SewThankful and I was really happy with their service. I made some changes to the pattern (of course) instead of quilting the fabric and using a batting I simply lined it with a nylon windbreaker type material and I kept the handle as one long joined piece instead of separating it in two. I like the effect this way. I also put a two-way zipper in the bags for easier opening.

I ripped apart their original bags and pieced these two together today finally :) I was able to keep the original embroideries on the bottoms. I really had to be careful about the fabrics since I only had a limited amount of these fabrics. Something about having to rip apart completed projects really unmotivates me to finish them again; but, this time I was ridiculous :( I've had these bags ready to go for months now :( I actually feel bad that it took me this long to get to them. The bags took me about 1 1/2 hours each to totally finish so Marja and Lysa you'd better love them :) Well, at least I hope that you do anyways :)

Other than that I have been machine quilting a quilt for a woman :) I hope that she likes it :)

Thank you all for your really nice comments about winning the District Championship :) I think that it has finally registered that I won. The judges comments were that: my colour choices were really good, my piecing lines were straight, I didn't have any crossed loops, my machine quilting was good without any tension problems, and, you couldn't tell where my starts and stops of my machine quilting were. I have a way of changing my bobbin thread so that my top thread never breaks while I am quilting an over-all pattern that I am going to share in a future blog. This is probably obvious to most of you but I found this out through trial and error :) I think that the no crossed loops means that my quilting lines did not cross but I may be wrong.
Again if you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them here :)


Cynthia said...

hi, just been going through the list of members of the Q4P ring and came across your blog.

Love the bags you made for your friends. What a great idea.

Congratulations on winning the ribbon for your quilt.

Jo Raines said...

Congratulations on your win and please do share your bobbin secret! I need all the help I can get with machine quilting tips and techniques!