Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Scrap tablerunner top

Hey Blogger likes me today!! Yey!!

I've been trying for three days to upload these pictures and it just wouldn't let me :)

Here is a picture of a scrap tablerunner top that I made, I am very proud to say, 100% out of my scrap heap. These are totally left-over blocks and fabrics. I had these left-overs from my pieced roman shades that I did for my quilting room. I had left over strips from the log cabin blocks that I pieced together to make the little pieced border. The blocks were left-over blocks that I had no idea what to do with so I just kept them around. Even the background and border fabrics are from left-overs. I didn't make it from any pattern i just had a certain amount of fabric and a certain amount of blocks and went from there.

I find this tablerunner really neat since it feels so Egyptian to me with the sandy colours and the dark blues. It's interesting since the root of quilting can be linked to ancient Egypt. Here's a Wiki post that mentions this if you're interested.

You can see a bit of the remaining fabric pieces that I have left-over under the tablerunner top. I'm thinking of just throwing that out. What do you think? :) Am I allowed? I think that I may deserve to throw this bit out after piecing together all those skinny strips :)
Here is a picture of my large pieced roman shade that covers the patio door in my quilting room. you can see my parrot, Virgil's, cage on the right.

The method is from Terrell Sunderman's book Pieced Roman Shades. I have covered all but 3 of the windows in my house using this method and I really like it. Here is Terrell's website Terrell Designs. Her website is great and has a lot of great information on it about the shades and also about the hardware.

This is one of two Roman shades that go with the large shade in my quilting room. I just love the "feel" of these shades. I love the high contrast between the colours and the look they give to my room.

The other twin to this shade has been ruined a bit :) During the hot summer months here two summers ago my husband decided that he would leave the window open but put the shade down so that we could have the breeze but avoid the heat of the sun. Well they were right outside this window with my neighbours dog. One of my dogs were inside going a little bit crazy beacause she wanted to go outside and see everyone. She jumped up to try and get under the shade to see out. She caught her tooth on the shade and pulled down. Yes it ripped horribly. I had to repair the shade as best I could; but, it still doesn't lay as flat as it did. I had only a really small amount of the background fabric left but I made it work. Luckily I had some extra blocks left-over so I could rip the bottom log cabin out and put in a different one. I repaired the ripped one for the tablerunner. Needless to say, my dog felt sooooo bad that she went and hid under the table and was really overly-submissive for days. Poor girl. I felt bad because she honestly didn't mean to do it.

I guess the moral of this story is that if you have extra stuff left-over from a project don't be so quick to get rid of it beacause you never know when it might just come in really handy :)


Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

These are lovely projects and yes, I think you are entitled to toss the scrappies at this point.

Vis-a-vis Blogger, before I switched to Beta I found I could load pics more easily early in the morning with IE and almost anytime using Firefox. And I'm finally glad that I switched. Loading pics in Beta works -- so far -- all the time.

Anonymous said...

The colors are great! I'm just starting on a log cabin quilt with similar colors. I hope it comes out as nice.

Susan said...

I love the Roman Shades quilts! And the table runner is just perfect with that little border of squares.

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