Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Another Twister and More Red-work!

 I found a neat pattern online for a Twister Wreath quilt and just had to try it ;-)  The pattern comes out in how the blocks are laid out and it actually not difficult at all!  You can see the lay-out here.  I know that it is well after Christmas; but, there is always next year - and, I figure, it's better to be late/early for next year rather than not doing the pattern at all.  I am going to be teaching the Twister rulers at my LQS and I think that this will be a great shop display for my fall/winter classes this year.  I always get so busy come September that I know I never would have made this if I didn't do the project when the inclination struck!  I quilted this in feathers using Yenmet metallic thread and I just love the effect.  The quilting was the first thing a couple of my friends noticed when they saw the quilt.  I just love metallic thread - it's sew yummy.
I'm still slowly working away on my Granny's Stars quilt blocks.  Because this is a "planned scrappy" quilt, I am laying out each block to make sure that the fabrics are not replicated anywhere they shouldn't be, and, to make sure that nothing gets flipped.  Consequently, each block is getting worked up one at a time.  It's a slower process but I think that it will be worth it in the end.  I have 5 of the 12 blocks pieced and squared up. 

I love the bright red, saturated fabrics in this quilt.  It's really making me happy and working on a red and white quilt in February just feels so right.  I've had these fabrics in my stash for a while (pre-washed and pressed even) but I just wasn't in that place to get going on it.  I think it's because when I re-sized this pattern a lot of the measurements ended up being odd - like 3 3/16" types of things - so I put it off for a long time.  All of a sudden I felt like working on it.  Maybe it's because I've been pulling so many projects out of my quilt closet and making great progress on them?  I don't know why really - but - all of a sudden I really wanted to get to work on it.  So, once again, I decided to strike while the iron was hot and got to work.

Are you like that as well quilters?  Do you have to be in the right place mentally to pick up a project?  Do you stick to one project at a time?  Or, do you work on whatever strikes your fancy?


Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Your Twister Wreath is beautiful! I seem to work on several projects at once.....I'll see something and want to try out the block. Maybe I'm getting spring fever because I've been cleaning my sewing room and of course finding blocks and fabric that I just have to play with. Just found your blog and really like it.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

I just bought the twister tool after seeing your great quilt. Looking forward to another great project!

happydaysquilting said...

I love that wreath twister pattern, and the colurs of the quilt. You have done a lovely job of quilting it!