Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Progress on the Plaid Tumbler Quilt

Well I seem to have caught whatever my son had last week.  I woke up at 3 am with a really sore throat and throughout the day I just felt worse and worse.  Just a bad cold ~ a classic cold really.  But, I feel yucky!

I was just out of sorts today so I pulled the plaid tumbler quilt out of my quilt closet.  Remember back in October in 2010 when I cut this out and worked on the lay-out??!!  Well, it has sat in a bag until then.  I needed something to keep my hands busy so I pulled this out and laid it out on the floor and slowly pieced the top together.  It was slow going, not because this is a difficult quilt, quite the contrary; it was slow because I was moving slow LOL!  It was the perfect piecing project for feeling under the weather.  No difficult points or intersections.  It went together quite nicely and I am glad to have the top finished.

Note:  I decided I didn't mind those two pink plaids being on top of each other ~ they are actually different plaids so I decided that since this is a throw I was fine with it!

Can you sew when you feel ill?  Or do you just lay in bed?  I was fidgety today so sewing was a good option  and big blocks were the answer!

Have you entered my Birthday Giveaway??  It ends on Friday so there is still time!  You can catch all the details in this post.

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Debbie B Sam said...

I'm a new reader to your blog - LOVE IT, and a new quilter. I so want to make one of these, is there a ruler that you can buy to cut the fabrics, or is it done with a pattern? Thanks so much! Deb