Thursday, February 24, 2011

Demonstrating the Go!

Last night at our quilt guild meeting it was "Tools and Gadgets Night."  Do you have that at your guild meetings?  If not you have to suggest it to your program chair!  It is sew much fun!

I demonstrated the Go! cutter last night to groups of very eager women who wanted to know what this machine is all about!  I've been talking about it for a while now but many of them have never seen it before!  can you imagine?  I mean I love mine - so I just wanted to spread the love a little further LOL!  It was lots of fun and I wore my Go! T-Shirt that Accuquilt sent me.  I brought my Very Pink Rag Quilt, since it made so much of a stir at my guild, and the tumbler quilt top that I completed.  I demonstrated cutting with the rag die, tumbler, value die, triangle in a square die, strip dies and applique dies - it was a lot to get through and I know that I forgot things but what fun!  This machine really needs to be demonstrated to see what it can do - since so many in the guild had never even heard about it, it seemed like a great demo for the guild.  I'll be demonstrating the Go! again in April at my local Go! dealer The Quilting Quarters.  Susan is holding a School House so that should be lots of fun and very informative!  So if you'd like to come and visit drop on by!  Susan has a wonderful quilt shop :-D

The only negative thing I can say about being a demonstrator is that I didn't get to see any of the other demos!  Ahh well I had a great time interacting with everyone, and, honestly, that is my favorite part of the guild meetings.

Since I'm going to be demonstrating again in April - what are the things that you would like to see if you came to see a demonstration on the Go?  What is important to you?

Happy Quilting All!


susan said...

I would love to see pictures of the tumbler die and what is a value die?

Katrina said...

Hi Susan - the tumbler die is the multi-coloured paid quilt on the right and the value die is the die that comes with the larger go. It has a 2.5" square die, 2.5" unfinished half-square triangle and a 4.5"square on it.

I hope that you get this since you have your settings set to no-reply so I couldn't send you a message! You can see my post on the give-away post about that :-)


susan said...

Wow thank you Katrina for getting back with that info. I think I fixed the problem but because I am so new at this I wondered if you could let me know if I was sucessful. If I am, I am happy to say I think I figured out how to post a picture of me too! And I did it all by myself! That is such a good feeling, you have no idea.