Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another Quilt Off the Frame!


I just took this off the frame and squared it up!  It is another quilt that my friend gave my to quilt on my new frame!


Isn't it great??!!!  It is a court-house steps quilt that she set on point and I just love it!  Sorry for the picture inside and hanging over the quilt frame but it is just pouring outside and I am giving the quilts back tonight when I go hand-quilting.
I quilted it using a large meander again, since it is scrappy flannels and brushed cottons on the top and flannel on the back, using a 50 weight cotton thread top and bobbin, and I didn't want it to become stiff since it is soooo soft and cuddly.  I wanted the quilt to maintain it's drape even after quilting.  

I really hope that she's happy with the quilts!!  Well, I guess I will find out tonight!


susan said...

great job and a great friend! I think she will love it. those are my colours!!!!

Impera Magna said...

Stunning quilt... I'm sure your friend will love your quilting! I know I would...

Dawn said...

Katrina ~ this is beautiful! Lovely texture :)