Friday, September 30, 2011

Cut - Sew - Cut - Sew

I hope that you all enjoyed my fall table-runner tutorial and I hope that if you make one you'll post it to my Facebook page so we can all see it!  There are still a couple days left to enter my give-away so if you haven't yet go and enter!

I got so inspired by the other tutorials on the hop that I decided to pull out my Halloween fabrics and cut up a tumbler quilt with my tumbler die.  Well - I was shocked at how many Halloween fabrics I had!  I pulled them out of my drawer and I swear they just kept coming and coming LOL!  Some of these fabrics were 7 or 8 years old and there were a few that were huge amounts!  The purple one is about 5 or 6 meters of fabric and I remember purchasing it off the 50% off table.

Well, I sorted through the pieces - some were left-overs and some were untouched pieces so I pressed and stacked them all up!


Then I got out my large tumbler die and started cutting.  I lay the fabric on top of the die so that the lengthwise grain is going perpendicular to the roller.

Run it though the cutter.

Then flip around and line up the strip to reduce waste and cut again.  The part hanging off the right side doesn't interfere with anything at all. This is how I cut all my tumblers.

Once I had finished cutting the tumblers I grabbed my 2" square die.

I cut all those scraps into two inch squares for my leaders and enders.

And I ended up with this! About 180 tumbler blocks and who knows how many 2" squares to make something out of.  I'm not sure what I'll make yet - but I WILL make something ;-)  I'm thinking of this great fabric basket.

I was all set to sew when I saw a cut out tumbler baby quilt that I really NEED to get finished sitting in pieces on my cutting table.

So instead of piecing the Halloween tumbler I pieced this baby quilt top.  I really like how it is not symmetrical.  I decided to go this way just for some visual interest.

Once I got that finished I found ANOTHER baby quilt that I had started - hmmm.

So I spread it out and I think I will just add some white sashing and them a first and second border.  I haven't really decided yet.  So much for the Halloween tumbler quilt today!

And last but not least!

I finished whipping the edges of my pumpkin house chair pad rug!  The binding tape is all sewn to the back and it is finished!  I really like how it turned out - not to finish the other little rug I've been working on.
So what are you all up to today?


Impera Magna said...

You've been very busy.... love all that Halloween fabric.... I don't think I have any... hmmm.... tomorrow's Saturday and the LQS is open...


paulette said...

LOVED your runner yesterday!! I didn't enter as I have a GO! and the dies to cut my own. Such a wonderful GA! You have been very busy!!

Theresa said...

I'm planning a Halloween tumbler quilt as well, I love all the fun fabrics and colours. Your Pumpkin House rug is wonderful.

tarabu said...

I'm having a day of chores, so that I can earn a whole day of quilting tomorrow!

Mrs.Pickles said...

wow looks like you were very busy. Great looking projects!!

Riel Nason said...

How fun to have all those Halloween tumblers to work with!!! I have a "scary" amount of Halloween fabric too -- love it! Happy Quilting. said...

I LOVE that rug! Come party with the Canucks every wednesday if you like! ; ) (or did I already tell you about it?)