Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Quilt is Off the Frame!!

Yey!  I took the plunge and loaded a quilt top onto the frame, this morning, and, I finished it!

This isn't my work actually - a friend gave this to me to quilt since she had it for a while now.  It is a big block quilt made of brushed cottons.  Since they are so cuddly anything heavy in the quilting would completely take away from both the simplicity of the quilt and how nicely it would feel - so I used a brown 50 wt cotton thread, top and bobbin, and quilted a large meander across the quilt.  Nice and simple but very soft and effective.

Here's the really cool part!

This is the back!!!
She used up her scraps and pieced the back of the quilt so that it is completely reversible!  Neat idea huh?  I love it - I have to remember that piecing the back doesn't have to be simple or obvious - it can be more random and free.

It was great to be able to use my new frame to quilt something - anything - just something to give me a shove to get going.  I really enjoyed using my new frame and I think that it will really help me get some of those UFO's out of the quilt closet and onto beds or wall!

So what do you think?  Good frame project?  I should mention - she gave me two brushed cotton quilts to quilt for her so I'll have another one coming up soon!!


Impera Magna said...

What a snuggly looking quilt... love that you didn't quilt it within an inch of its life! I think pieced backs are just THE BEST!

Great job... looking forward to more of your work!

susan said...

very nice job, and I like her backing too. I am still waiting for my friend to get her HQ together but it won't be long now as another quilter is coming to visit her. I have plans to quilt about 60 neo-natal quilts before we tackle our pile of quilts!

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