Friday, March 09, 2012

Another Tumbler

A friend of mine made this tumbler quilt after seeing mine.  We both had purchased the same big block quilt kit (ie 10 quarter meters of fabric) probably 7 years ago and they sat in our stash   I made mine into a tumbler quilt and she liked it so much that she made hers into a tumbler too!  I had purchased two of the kits - yes two so my quilt is larger.


Notice the smaller tumblers around the edge?  How cute are they?  This is a great way to use up the remainder of the 10" strips  from cutting the large tumbler.  I think it is lovely.

I quilted it in a 40 weight YLI variegated cotton thread that worked wonderfully with the colours of the quilt.  I love this thread - it didn't break once while quilting and the colours are just wonderful.

Just thought that I would share!

Happy Quilting!


Lucretia said...

I really love this quilt. I am thinking about doing a tumbler quilt for my mom with pictures in a few tumblers on each row and the other tumblers would be bandana fabric. Do you think that would work out?


beaquilter said...

I love the small tumblers around the edge, too cute, ohhh I want this die now!!well both

SewCalGal said...

Congratulations on a beautiful stash buster project completion. This quilt is lovely. And, I really like how you used the mini tumbler in the borders. Very creative.


Sarah said...

Your mini tumblers in the border are a very clever use of scraps. Great idea!