Sunday, March 18, 2012

QR Code Quilt!

Go ahead and give it a scan - you know you want to!


Cool huh?  It really works!  This is a QR Code quilt that will take you right here to my blog if you scan it with a phone that has a QR Code scanner.  

First I had to generate a QR Code for my blog so I found an online generator and got a code.  I printed this out and figured out a plan for the quilt.

I saw several of these on various blogs and thought that it looked like a fun project.  Most of the ones that I saw were pure black and white quilts but I wanted to use my black and white prints and I wanted it to still scan so I chose the darkest of my black and white prints.  I also pulled out all the scraps of white fabrics I had.

I pulled out my Accuquilt Go! cutter and my 2" square die (my fav!) and started cutting.   Since a QR Code is a 25 x 25 grid I needed 600 2" squares so I was very happy I had the die for this!  I cut up all my white scraps and my black and white prints in just a few minutes.

Next came the laying out process - this took a long time but it needed to be perfect or the code won't work!  It wasn't hard to do it just took a while ;-)

Next, I sewed the squares all together and held my breathe while I scanned the top with my Blackberry - yey it worked!

At first I tried to put a red border around the quilt but the red interfered with the QR Code scanner on my Blackberry.  Apparently the red will work on Iphones but I couldn't test this.  So, I pulled the red border off and just put a little 2" white border around it.

I used a white batting for this quilt so that an off-white wouldn't show through.  I quilted the quilt using a 50 weight thread top and bobbin.  And, I was lucky enough to have just enough black binding already made that was left-over from a previous project - yey!

So, does the quilt scan for you?


Impera Magna said...

Is that a COOL quilt or is that a COOL quilt? What a neat idea... great execution of the code!

I can't try scanning it since I don't have a fancy phone...


LFN Textiles said...

very very clever! I have been fascinated by UPS origin codes and now these, perfect for a quilt. Is it your own QR code?

Marlene @ KISSed Quilts . com said...

What type of quilting did you do? Ehat color thread? Did the thread cross squares ot just SID?

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