Monday, October 29, 2012

Candy Corn is Complete!

Hi all!

I was so determined to get my Candy Corn Quilt finished before Halloween that I worked on it a lot!  You can see a short tutorial on the construction of this quilt here.


I also had my Go! Club on Saturday, and I was featuring the Tumbler dies so I really wanted to share this with the group.  So, to prevent myself from just showing the top - I loaded it onto my frame.

This is how my brain works LOL - I'd rather quilt it then load it again ;-)


I had this perfect 40 weight YLI variegated thread that I used for the middle - top and bobbin.  The spirals in the fabric became my inspiration for the quilting design.


I quilted the middle in an all-over spiral pattern and I quilted spider webs in the borders in a dark grey thread.  You can't really see the quilting in the borders all that well but it adds great texture - I hope that you can see the quilting!


I decided to use some left-over Halloween prints on the backs.  The two main prints have been borders and backs on a couple quilts so it seemed great to use them up on the back of this quilt!  A girl only needs so much Halloween yardage before you HAVE to do something or other with it! Anyways I like the effect of the fabrics on the back and it makes me feel good to use the stash.

I was able to show this at my Go! Club the morning after I finished it and everyone seemed to like it - yey!

So what do you think - are you going to make a Candy Corn quilt?  Or, maybe a table-runner?

Want to do me a favor?  I entered a Halloween quilt contest over at the Warm Company Facebook page and you can easily vote for my quilt by clicking on this picture and click like for me!!!   It will only take a second - I promise!


beaquilter said...

I want this DIE!!! did you "waste" more since you wanted the white on top?

Ariane said...

Oh this quilt is just perfect for Halloween!! I love it!!

Kathy S. said...

I just happen to have orange, yellow, and white strings everywhere! Great project for them. I need to sew one now. Now to figure how to add that black part. Did you just use your GO! strip cutter and add a strip to each one? I bet you did. Count me in for a vote!

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