Sunday, December 10, 2006

Creative Frenzy and Christmas Fabric Postcards

I had so much fun today with this! I am making fabric postcard Christmas cards to send to our friends and family. You can see a picture of my creative frenzy here. Well, actually, I did clean it up a bit because it really did look pretty messy.

You can see my thread leftovers from machine quilting and embroidery. I save these in my zip-lock bags for future projects along with any snippets of batiks and hand dyed fabrics (anything that looks good on both sides). You can also see my various embellishments like yarn and confetti.

Here's a closeup of the cards. Here's how I did them.
1. I fused a piece of fabric onto Timtex
2. I layed various thread bits and little bits of Christmas fabrics on top.
3. When I was pleased with how it looked I layed some confetti on top. I put some snowflakes, stars and circles on top. You can get these at party stores where they are sold as table decorations..
4. I put a piece of tulle (I used green here) over top to hold everything down.
5. Machine quilt in a random pattern with invisible thread on the top. This is just to hold everything down. I even quilted over the confetti to hold them down and it wasn't a problem.
6. Cut this to 4" x 6" for postcard size.
7. Fuse a piece of muslin onto the back the same size.
8. I zigzag stitched around the edges to seal it all in but there are ther finishing methods.
9. Then I went around the edge again with a loose zigzag to put the finishing fluffy yarn around the edge.
10. Write your address etc on the back and you are finished :)

I hope that you all enjoyed seeing my cards :)

Now if I can just get another 15-25 of these done . . . and mailed out . .


Anonymous said...

These are so great - I love the hairy edges! And so simple - I won't have time to make any this year, but I'll definitely do some for next year. The same idea would probably look nice with florals/pastels etc for Mother's day or birthdays. Thanks for the tutorial :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Katrina, love your postcards! Here's the link to the person I bought my "postcard back" rubber stamp from on ebay -

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Pam said...

Very nice little postcards. You are not going to put them in envelopes? Shall I send you my address!!! LOL
Merry Christmas

Jo Raines said...

Beautiful! I know they will be appreciated. Here again, I should have done that--I seem to be saying that while perusing everyone's blogs and seeing that some of us actually did something for Christmas! . . and some of us (me) didn't . . .darnit.

Katjaquilt said...

You asked about the pincushion pattern in my blog, but you didn't leave a email-addy. Joyce wrote a tutorial in her blog, so pls find it on:

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