Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Quilt for the hospital

Hi all!

I'm glad that everyone seems to have enjoyed the mystery jacket story. I still smile everytime I think about finding out who made that quilt top that I cut up and made into a jacket.

Our local quilt guild is making several quilts as a group project to go to our local hospital for the long term care patients. In this program the guild buys the fabric and makes the patterns and the members put together the quilt tops, someone bastes them, someone quilts them, someone puts on the label and the binding. I received this quilt top finished and basted and I machine quilted it yesterday afternoon. It is a nice lap size that I think someone will appreciate very much.

I tried out a new quilting technique on this one since I thought that it was a great time to try something new. Now if I could just get all my preemis quilt tops quilted and finished :)

So far I have been stitcking to some of my New Year's Resolutions :) I am near to completing one of my UFO's that has been sitting around for a while so that makes me really happy. I still haven't made up a house work schedual though. My whole person just revolts at the thought of trying to make myself stick to something like that but I really think that it might be good for me (not to mention for the state of my house) . I swear being good at housework skips a generation :) My mother is an excellent house-keeper and really enjoys doing house-work. Not me!! I enjoys sewing and pretty much anything that has to do with fibers and textiles. I know that I am not alone here LOL!


Sue said...

Ithink you should keep quilting and ask mum to visit and help with the house do what you love, mum does what she loves and feels wanted..everyone happy lol

Cynthia said...

good to see that you have nearly completed one of your UFOs. I have listed all my UFOs on my sidebar and plan to work on them this year.

Loved the story of the quilt jacket.