Sunday, January 21, 2007

UFO #3!!!

Okay so I know that this isn't quilting but hey it was a UFO of mine so I put it on my list and I finished it :) This is a rug-hooking kit that I purchased, at a quilt shop, where I took the class, and I finally finished. Would you believe that I had the center completely hooked I just had to put on the binding? Some of my UFO's are sooooooo silly because I have them almost completely finished and I only have a few more hours into the project and it would be done. What is it about me that wants to start a project without reference to the finished project sometimes? I think that this is in many of us quilters? But, then I hear of other quilters that have 2 UFO's or none and I just don't understand it.

My next UFO, #4, that I will show, is another silly UFO. I only had to quilt the thing!! It was completely finished otherwise. So silly. Hopefully I will complete the hand sewing on the binding tonight and then it will be completely finished.

Do you guys have UFO's? Or, is it just me? I need some reassurance since I have talked to so many people that have next to no UFO's lately :)

Take Care;


Susan said...

You're doing a great job on your UFO stack! Yes, I have them. I had 25 quilt tops waiting to be quilted when I retired in May, 2005. Just sitting around, waiting. Got those all done, but I still have a banker's box filled with swap blocks, in storage, and more swap blocks here in the 5th wheel. The UFOs just accumulate. I like the term Works in Slow Progress - WISP, coined, I think by Sharon Boggon in Australia.

Pam said...

I am so like that too. I have a mariners compass wall hanging that my husband has been nagging me to finish for two years and I just have to do a bit of hand quilting on the border and then put the binding on it. I have no idea why I haven't finished it -- and I really like it.

Paula, the quilter said...

I, too, have WISPs. (I rather like that term). I have been whittling them down over the past several years from 65 down to 19. Not all of them were quilts.

Patti said...

No UFO's - you've got to be kidding! I'm on a UFO mission this year. I have ONLY 55 of them!

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