Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Second UFO Finish of 2007

Hi all;
I mentioned in my last blog post that I was tackling another UFO yesterday. Well here it is! I finished this raggy bag from scraps from all my raggy jackets that I have made. I did some DigiEobbE work in the centre to set it off. I am really pleased with the bag so far. O thought that it might be big enough to be my gym bag but I think that maybe it should be a bit bigger for that. The only problem is that I still have a ton of these scraps left over! I think that I may have anough to make another jacket or bag LOL! So if I still have left-overs does it count as a finished UFO?

1 comment:

Angie said...

Love your bag, Katrina! And if you need to get rid of those scraps, I can send you my snail mail addy!! ROFL