Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Already Blew my Resolution!

I can't believe I already blew my resolution about not buying any new fabric unless I absolutely needed it!  I mean it's only January!!  *bows head in shame*  Oh well, I didn't blow it that badly ~ I only purchased 2 meters of Halloween prints and they were in the 50% off bin ;-)  Am I forgiven?

I actually went into the store to buy a bunch of batting today.  Since cotton prices are on the rise I was just recently told that batting would be doubling in price!  Doubling?  Seriously?!  Here in Canada we pay between $10.00 and $15.00 for a cotton blend batting already.  So, I bought 8 meters of cotton batting to compensate a bit.  When I heard that cotton prices were going up I thought ~ that's ok I guess I have a huge stash that I can still make quilts from.  Well duh I never even thought about the batting.  Batting is something that we need for every project and I figured I might as well stock up before the price goes up.  At least I am set for a little while.  Who knows I may go back and buy some of the cotton/bamboo batting.

I do wonder if the rise in cotton prices will make some of the newer batting from recycled materials more popular?  Have you seen these before?  There is the Quilter's Dream Green Batting made from recycled pop bottles.  Has anyone tried these?  I think that if prices continue to rise that natural fibers may be priced right out of the market.  The rise in cotton prices really shouldn't affect the price of this recycled batting.


JayTee said...

I hope I don't have to buy much batting this year...I have 4 queen size Warm & Natual packs and who knows how much pieces!!!

Jo said...

You know..Maybe a more realistic goal...only fabric that's on sale unless you truly need it to finish a project. I've been thinking about ordering a roll of warm and natural from JoAnn's.