Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Think I Win

I think I win the award for stupidest quilting mistake ever!  I was working on this "leaders and enders" project a bit last night.  I've been working on this project for a couple years now as I piece it while I piece other things.  I really like the secondary pattern that is created with the off-white fabric and it is finally getting big enough that I was thinking that it might be time to put on a first boarder.  So I sewed a couple more rows onto the quilt and left it on my ironing board last night so that it would be out for me to work on today after my fitness class.

In the first picture you can see the sun shining on the quilt.  So when I was looking at the top today I noticed something really odd, confusing and frustrating.  Can you see it?  You might need to enlarge the picture to see it but it's there.

Hint:  look at the off-white background fabrics.
 Can you see it now?  I'm pointing at it.

Yep.  One of the off-white background squares is a completely different print in the same colour!!  How could I have:
a) got one square of this fabric into the stack?
b) not noticed this sooner?

This particular piece of fabric had to go through my sewing machine multiple times and I didn't notice it!  How could I have not noticed this?  I am completely confused.  Every other off-white is the same print except this one.

Now I am not really sure what to do.  Do I leave it and just try and pretend that it's not there?  Or, do I pull that square out and sew in a proper one?  If I am going to pull the block now would be the time to do it.  Once it's machine quilted it's not going anywhere.  I am starting to feel about done with this quilt so I think a lot of my frustration is coming from the realization that I have to do some really fussy work to re-work the center of the quilt. Yuck!

I just don't know what to do here.  Please leave a comment and give me your opinion!!!


Judy D in WA said...

If it was me, I would leave it and laugh every time I saw it! It depends on if that square is going to scream out at you every time you look the quilt. If it is, replace it now. This is a fabulous quilt and makes my scrappy, happy heart sing. Good Job!

Cassy said...

I would leave it unless it is going to make you "hate" your quilt. It is reminiscent of that one pain in the butt thing in life we all have but even the pains are livable when surrounded by such beauty. It makes your quilt "human."

Vicki W said...

I wouldn't even think about that for 2 seconds! I'd leave it in and I would never point it out to anyone because no one else will notice.

Michele T said...

Personally, I would leave it in. Unless a person inspects the quilt it will be unnoticeable. The other point is that I believe that every quilt should have a quirk or mistake - it makes it original and one-of-a-kind!!

Janay said...

I totally sympathize with your dilemma... but...
Leave it!
I've heard the Amish traditionally leave (or intentionally put) a mistake in their quilts because only God is perfect. :)

Sue V. said...

Oh I would just keep going. I LOVE scrappy...your quilt is beautiful! And, in the big scheme of things....this is something I'd say just doesn't matter! Gives it a bit of interest!