Thursday, January 27, 2011

More Scraps???!!! More UFO's???!!

 Maybe I should just stop looking in my quilt closet?  Maybe some skeletons should just stay in the closet?  Anyways, I was looking through my quilt closet a couple days ago and found a few more things I had forgotten about - sigh.

I found a pattern and the fabric to make a couple pillow cases/shams for my sons.  Pre-washed pirate fabric no less!  And a pattern for a very fierce and cool high-heeled stocking pattern.  I had such plans for that stocking pattern LOL!  Well there's always next Christmas right?
Well, it was a good day for me to find the stuff for these shams/cases because my oldest son was home sick with a fever and sore throat; so, I made the shams up and he was able to lay on pirate pillows for most of the day while he slowly started to feel better.  It was serendipity.

The pattern was a store pattern and not a published one and I found a fairly major flaw in the pattern while sewing it.  The pattern is completely directional and they don't mention it at all in the pattern!  Of course I didn't realize that until after everything had been cut and mostly sewn together.  So consequently the pirate map is side-ways.  It's not that noticeable, and my kids don't mind, but, imagine if I was doing a non-kid print?  As a customer I would have been heart broken!  Since doing the pattern I have written that the length-wise grain ends up being the bottom of the pattern.  I like the finished product of the pattern since the case opens up on the back instead of the end; but, wow I wish I knew that ahead of time LOL!  Ahh well the kids don't mind.  And I am sure if I hadn't left this pattern sitting there for 4 years I would have realized it and remembered the store sample better.

Note to self:  Do projects in a more timely manner!

I also found a bag with a book and a whole lot of fabric in it.  It's the book More Elm Creek Quilts by Jennifer Chiaverini.  I submitted a couple blocks for the reader quilt that Jennifer does for all her pattern books in 2006.  So of course I bought the book and had great plans to make the quilt "Lucinda's Gift" from the book since my blocks were in the quilt.  I pulled out creams and blues and greens, from my scrap heap, and shoved them into a bag and there they sat since 2008 when the book came out.  I guess I sorted out the whites too because they were in another bag inside that bag LOL!  Now I am trying to decide if I still want to do the quilt or not?  Thoughts??  It's a pretty quilt I just can't decide if I want to actually make it or not.  If the bag has been there for almost 3 years I must not be very motivated.

How do you decide which of your UFO's to actually complete and which to forget about?  This would be a great scrap quilt but I am not sure that I am motivated to do it.  All the strips are cut at 1.5" and I can't help but thing hmmmmmm my Accuquilt Go has a 1.5" strip die available for it. . . . this quilt would be so easy to cut using the die . . . LOL!  Maybe I just want an excuse to buy another die.  So do I put the stuff back in the bag or leave it out for a bit until I make up my mind?  Decisions decisions.

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Happy Quilting!!


sewfunquilts said...

That pirate fabric is so cute for kids..and hope your son is feeling better.

mmmmh?? UFO'S??? I have so many of them, I just made a list of all of them and it's on the wall behind my sewing machine. There are a few of them on that list that I really love...and just need to be quilted.


beaquilter said...

I just finished the first of ELM creek quilt novels, a quilters apprentice and have already played with EQ to make the sampler quilt :-)


I think your little heart acu cut postcards are so cute.

susan said...

treat yourself to the dye, you are a prolific quilter and a busy Mom. You NEED the new dye and the quilt will now longer be a ufo! There, and you know you will use the dye again. I wonder do they have a 1" dye. I have alot of that size to cut!