Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pinning the Night Away!

Just because it is a leaders and enders project doesn't mean it doesn't deserve to have a few pins!

Yes that is me sitting there in my pajamas pinning my leaders and enders (L&E) project while watching TV.  I have to admit that I am looking forward to finishing this project.  All those open points where you have to insert a pin to find the point and then pin on either side etc etc ~ well I am getting a little tired of it.  I have my next L&E all ready to go so that's probably a big part of it  LOL!  I honestly don't mind pinning in front of the TV though.  It's easy and relaxing and it really affects the end result of the project.  I think I treat pinning the way a lot of quilters I know treat hand turning the binding to the back.  It's a nice easy bit of hand-work.  Personally I've been doing as many bindings by machine as I possibly can now :-D
Doesn't my hand-full of pinned blocks look pretty?  They are all ready to go and will become L&E now that they are pinned.  It is amazing how many you can do in such a short period of time!  I do like working on another project while I am working on my main one.  Or, should I say, main one for the moment!  I have been working on a few projects at a time for a while now and loving it!  Maybe it's because I have been dealing with my scraps right away, instead of shoving them in a bin, or, maybe it's just that I am in the mood to quilt again.  I don't really know ~ but I can say that I enjoyed pinning tonight.  It made me see the progress that's been made and that the next step is coming up!

I worked on a few different things this weekend and had a great time spending the whole day in my PJ's today.  Decedent I know!

What did you all work on this weekend?  Accomplish anything?  I love to read your comments so don't be shy ~ reply!

Chat soon!

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Wendie Scott Davis said...

Hey Katrina, You look somewhat like a porcupine in the bottom picture. But I know what you mean about something rhythmic being easy to do in front of the TV - relaxing and productive is a killer combo.

PS Love those jammies - think I need a pair of chocolate brown ones and have never seen any - details please.....

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