Saturday, January 08, 2011

We All Start Somewhere and We Have a Winner!!

While I was dealing with my scrap heap the other day I came across something very interesting and amusing at the bottom ~ my very first quilt blocks!!  Wow!  I actually ironed these for the photo they are just really wavy!  The bottom left two blocks were cut out using scissors and cardboard templates.  I made these blocks by following the lessons in the Fons and Porter Quilter's Complete Guide book. I think that I can honestly say that I have improved a bit in my piecing ability.  My husband and I had a good laugh at the waviness of the Sawtooth Star (top middle) and also at the fabrics.  These were mostly cheap fabrics that were so much harder to work with than the better quilt shop quality fabrics I started to use after these were made.  I have no idea what I'm going to do with these blocks.  Part of me says throw them out and part of me says keep them.  They will never go into a quilt (or lay flat for that matter) ~ I'm undecided right now.  Any thoughts?
Also while I was busting my scrap heap I started to put aside any brown or cream or tan or gold piece that was larger than 5" square to make another Lil' Tumbler quilt like my blue and tan tumbler.  What a great use of scraps this ruler is.  I think that this one will be really pretty and calm.  Some of the squares will be repeated only once but others will have multiple repeats.  It just depended on how much of each fabric was in that heap.  I'm waiting on the larger 10" Twister ruler but it's back-ordered right now so another charm Twister it is.
And I have kept you waiting (and reading) long enough ~ we have a winner!  I wrote down all the names on slips of paper (according to how many times you all entered) I put them into a little Christmas container (I know Christmas is over but it was handy) and then I had my youngest son draw the name (that's his hand holding the paper) and he drew Sunshine's name!  Congratulations Sunshine!!!  I kid you not Sunshine won Sunshower Quilt's first giveaway LOL!  I had a good chuckle about the closeness of the name but I think that's great!

Sunshine has won 10 of the self-sealing plastic envelops, 10 pieces of Stiffy interfacing, and 10 metal rings to finish off her cards.  I hope this gets you started making and sending out fabric postcards Sunshine!

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Happy Quilting all!

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