Sunday, January 14, 2007

First UFO finish of 2007!!

Hi all!

I finished my first UFO of 2007! I am very excited about this finish since I completely abandined this project when it was in the homestretch about 1 1/2 years ago :( I had to rip the last cluster of flowers in the top right hand corner because I got the placement incorrect. Thank goodness I had my electric seam ripper (here's the one that I have. It is great for ripping embroideries) or I never would have been able to rip that :) Anyways, I was so upset about it that I put it away for a year and a half. I joined a UFO online group and we had to make a list of all of our UFO's (I have 33 now 32) and this was one of my top 5 that I wanted to finish up. The machine embroideries are by Jenny Haskins and they are the "Bella Fiori" card. I just love Jenny Haskin's work! Her designs are soooo well digitized and just beautiful. I also love how open her design cards are; as in, there are so many posibilities for working with them. The were 16 hoopings for the 5x7 hoop and each hooping took at least 2-3 1/2 hours to run on my Pfaff 2170. I think that the over-all finish was worth the time though :)
I was very inspired by the new "Quilting with the Pros II" magazine put out by McCall's magazine. It had an amazing tutorial by Diane Gaudynski where she teaches how to do "bouncing bannanas" as a background fill (if you have never seen her work please check out the link to her web site because she is amazing). I have been wanting to try something new in machine quilting so I thought that I would give this a go. I used 100 weight cotton thread in the top and bobbin since the quilting is so dense. It is pretty intense quilting but I just love the movement of it. I thought that the wavy lines really complimented the beauty of the embroideries. The other thing that I am really happy with (if I can toot my own horn here :) ), is how flat the quilt is :) Not to mention the fact that I finished my first UFO of 2007.

One down 32 to go!


Joyce said...

I've never seen an electric seam ripper. It sounds like a gadget that I could use. (I end up doing a fair amount of ripping! Lol.) Where did you get it and are they expensive? Your quilt is fantastic. THe background quilting is amazing.

Katrina said...

Hi Joyce;
Here is where I got my Peanut from{2E95B495-8796-4612-A053-827274FCC5A0}&EFID=1123&productsetid=74628&shopstop=1
It is a bit pricy but when it comes to ripping out embroideries there is nothing better :) It makes a 10 hour job into a 1 hour.

Thanks for the compliments on the quilting. :) I am very pleased :)

Patti said...

Congratulations! I've never heard of an electric seam ripper. How interesting!

Jenni said...

Toot away, I say! Your work is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

It certainly is a truly beautiful piece! I'm not sure I could have ripped out all that embroidery.

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