Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Fun with the Lil' Twister Ruler!

Hi all!
I recently bought the Lil' Twister ruler by CS Designs and I thought that I would give it a whorl today.   The pattern says to start with a 5" charm pack for these; but,  I've had these 4-patch blocks sitting around, from a block exchange at my local quilt guild, for about a year and I thought that they would be the perfect thing to try this ruler out on.  The individual blocks were 4 1/2" cut - so a little small for this project - but I was just extremely careful.  Some of them I had to tea-dye to get the backgrounds darker since they were just too white for this project.  I arranged the blocks into a layout that I found pleasing and then sewed them together and added the red fabric on the left as boarders.  It was interesting sewing with other people's cutting and piecing.  I haven't done that for a while so it was a bit of a challenge since some of the blocks were different sizes and had to be squared up or re-pressed.
After piecing the top I got to cut up the quilt top using the Lil' Twister ruler!  It was so cool!  Basically you cut the quilt top into squares again and "twist" the blocks so that they form interlocking pin-wheels.  The added boarder becomes a pieced boarder for the quilt!  I just couldn't stop cutting and piecing today since I really wanted to see how this turned out.  The design looks so challenging when you see those interlocking pin-wheels but it really is easy and fun to do this. I just couldn't stop until I had the whole center pieced and pressed.  This part is about 28" square so I decided to add some boarders.
I think that a little yellow flap at 1/4" finished would look nice but I can't decided between the two boarder fabrics.  I'm leaning towards the top fabric since it is just blue and cream.  the bottom fabric has a touch of yellow and green in it.  I think I may need to see these in day-light since it is already starting to get dark here.

Any thoughts?  I would love to hear your opinions about the fabrics!

I used the smaller ruler today but there is also a larger Twister ruler that you start with layer-cakes or 10" squares with.  And there is a companion book that you can purchase as well called Let's Twist:  Pinwheels . . .  Fun Fast and Easy.  There are projects in the book that are really cute and look like they wouldn't take much time at all to whip up!  As soon as I decide on the boarders I'll quilt this little guy up.

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Happy Quilting All!


sewfunquilts said...

Your quilt turned out great. Could you show us a picture of the ruler??

Katrina said...

Hi Sewmeaow! The ruler is pictured in the second picture on the right hand side over the red fabric. It's the little clear square. But if you'd like to see it closer up you can see it here:
It is such a great way to use up scraps I love it :-D

Jen Manuell said...

That is SOOOOO cool. Thanks for sharing.....it's great to see little short-cuts like that, especially for a newbie like me ;-)

Madiza said...

It is grest! I like it very much , and I know now how I will spend this weekend :)
with hugs from Poland

Anonymous said...

Colors are just beautiful, very striking.

susan said...

I loved the look of your quilt so much, I went to their web site and ordered the ruler. For international orders I had to order the package which is both size rulers and the book. The site mentioned that there will be a new book out soon. It will likely be state side first. Since I live in Niagara I can hope over the river and look for it. I am so excited but it makes me break my promise to myself not to start anything new until I get these four ufos finished. Maybe I can get one done before the ruler arrives...it is a snow day today!

Anonymous said...

beautiful project. you said you had to be careful because your blocks were only 4 1/2 inches. was that before sewing together or after. how big is that ruler that you were having trouble? again beautiful!

c said...

you have a lot more condifence than I do, I love the technique, but still dont understand how to do it myself. i cant afford the book, but I really would like to know how to do this, and enter your giveaway. THANKS to you forever
carol craven
aka kingcooper0001@aol.com

Teri said...

Well.....I went to a quilt show in Sonora CA Saturday and a vender had the "lil twister" and I had just read your blog....so you can imagine what I did....... I bought 2 sizes and can't wait to do them. I haven't seen anything lately that has interested me that much.....I so excited.

Anonymous said...

I took a class with this tool yesterday. What fun. It is hard to think those squares work this way. We were strongly cautioned to keep blocks and rows in order as they are cut in order not to mix them up. And caution to not cut beyond the tool to avoid cutting into what might be the next piece. It is a hoot!!!

Anonymous said...

I am SO intrigued about this ruler and how it transforms the squares into such awesome twists! Yours turned out just fantastic. I'm off to the quilt shop today to purchase the tool. They were out of them at Christmas, so SANTA couldn't bring me one! Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

this can be quite addicting - i've probably used this ruler more than any other - have run

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