Monday, January 10, 2011

Let's Twist Again!

Hi all!
I managed to quilt for several hours yesterday and got a couple of projects completely finished!  Binding, sleeve and label are all on and completely finished - woot!

This is my "Twisted Sixter Table Topper" from the Let's Twist:  Pinwheels . . . Fun, Fast and Easy companion booklet to the Twister rulers.  This quilt is completely from my scrap heap and used up quite a few scraps.  Anything over 5" square and in the brown family got cut into 5" squares and put into this cute little table-topper!  I machine quilted this using a beige rayon thread in a swirling pattern to accentuate the spinning motion.  I'll be doing another few of these for sure.  This size with a boarder added on would make a perfect baby quilt.
 Here is how the quilt started.  36 5" squares in a 6 x 6 set.  Then the quilt top is cut apart again using the Lil' Twister ruler (that's the Lil' Twister ruler top right in the picture).  You can see the first cut made in the top right as well.  Then the pieces are twisted and put back together.  It's amazing how difficult this pattern looks when you see it finished and how easy the actual construction of it is.  Cut, sew, cut again and sew.
Here is the finished Twister that I started the other night.  It is also completely finished, bound and labeled.  I just love the contrast between the dark and light fabrics ~ it really creates a lot of motion and visual interest I think.  I also love that this quilt was from a block exchange that happened over a year ago!  It's nice to get those 4-patches into a quilt and made into something useful.

This quilt is also quilted in a swirl across the pinwheels and feather in the blue boarder in a tan colour rayon thread.

I'm really enjoying this ruler and I can't wait until my 10" Twister comes in so I can start playing with the larger pinwheels.

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Happy Quilting all!


Jo said...

Looks great. I did a twister and a baby twister quilt last year and LOVED it. My husband was totally confused as to why a person would cut, sew, cut and sew again. I keep telling him..because I can!

Michele T said...

I love this pattern! One day I will make a quilt with it. Thanks for sharing, I like both the brown version and the blue version.

Anonymous said...

I found your site after googling snow globe patterns. I must say that your snowman snow globe is the nicest one I've seen yet. I believe it was posted on your blog some years back. Now, back to the present, thank you for sharing the info regarding the twister quilt.
Brenda C.
Texas, U.S.A

susan said...

Katrina, you are such a prolific quilter, I just wondered how you quilted your quilts. Do you have a mid arm or use your home machine? What kind of machine do you sew on?

susan said...

Hi Katrina, I have sent for both rulers and the book but I thought I would cut up some quilts to have as leaders and enders to make the quilt when the rulers arrive. I have two questions for you 1) If I make a 36 5" block quilt, how big is the border you used on the side. and 2) I watched the demo where they made a twister ruler them selves. I would like to make matching dollie blankets and some preemie quilt so I would like to use maybe a 4" block for the premie and maybe 3" block for the dollie so how would I mark my 6" ruler?

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

I recently bought the lil twister, getting ready to start cutting me some 5" squares.

c said...

someone sent me this link to you
but when I got to your blog, the follower area, is unuseable. i cant click on anythign to join in
I really wish I could follow along

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