Monday, September 05, 2011

My New Addition!!

I am so excited!  I have a new addition to my sewing room and it is finally ready to unveil!!! 

Drum roll please!!!!

Ta Da!


This is my new frame for my mid-arm sewing machine!!  It is the Imperial frame by the Grace Frame company that I bought through my local Pfaff dealer.  I might eventually get a longer harp machine but for now my Hobby Grand Quilter is working just fine as I am practicing.  It is gliding so smoothly and moves at a nice light touch - yey!!   I bought the frame for doing all over designs on quilts (like my Jelly Roll Race quilt) - I'll still take the machine off the frame and use my table-top set-up for detailed work.  Maybe this will eventually change, but, for now, I have more control, and, finer motor patterns, table-top.

It took a couple days to put together - hence the wait time since I announced it on my Facebook group LOL!  My kids, husband and my Mother all helped in putting this frame together so it truly took a village to build this baby!  After it was finished I couldn't wait to load some muslin onto the frame to start stitching!!

Now what to name my frame????  Hmmm - any ideas?


tarabu said...


Gene Black said...

What to name the frame? Hmmm....

Hugo (HUGe Open quilting space)
Paul (as in Bunyan)(or maybe Babe as in Paul's ox)

Naomi which means "delightful"

OR maybe Allegra or Allegro (is it male or female?) which means "quickly, with a happy air."

I wish I had room for one of those.

Impera Magna said...

Oh, how exciting! Congratulations... I can so believe it took all those folks to help put it together! Happy quilting!!!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Since it is the Imperial from name her PEARL.

susan said...

Congratulations Katrina, I know you will put it to good use. My girlfriend has a handy quilter and I am waiting for it to go together. She has had it for a couple of years but just now got her sewing room ready for it. We are going to practice using neo-natal blankets. A good name might be sun burst!

Sallie said...

Since it's by the Grace Frame company and I love the name Grace, I'd name it Grace or Gracie.

Marguerita McManus said...

Congratulations! You are going to have a lot of fun now :)

Mary said...

Congratulations! What fun for you.